Hip hashtags

“Twitter speaks to an ironic, urban audience that loves hashtags.”


When I posted my first tweet, nothing happened. A little disappointing, but, hey, I only have 14 followers. Ditto for my second tweet. But my third tweet got some action! It was retweeted four times and favorited four times, and it felt pretty good.

So what was so special about my third tweet?

Today’s organ transplant waiting list: Nearly 123,000 people. Spread the word http://tinyurl.com/oecbku3 #donatelife #neu6520 #organdonation

I think a few of Vaynerchuk’s points apply here:

  • The tweet contained a short snippet of information that was easily digestible.
  • It contained very timely information. It was written with a “breaking news” vibe.
  • It made good use of relevant hashtags. In particular, the #organdonation hashtag, which I haven’t used in any other tweets, seems to have brought the most visibility to this tweet. It’s more straightforward than #donatelife.

In a few of my other tweets, I tried to use some hipper hashtags, to address Vaynerchuk’s point about the more urban audience, but I didn’t see much response from them. I wonder if it’s not so much the hipness of the hashtag as it is the ability to understand and react to the hashtag without having to think about it too much. Hipsters can’t possibly be in the know about everything new and trendy, but 98% of adults have heard of organ donation.